Quilt Shop Event Information

Row by Row Experience® 2017 Registration is now closed.
For more information, contact: info@rowbyrowexperience.com

2017 Registered Shop Login

Row by Row Experience is a low-stress, fun way to welcome customers into your store. It’s an international event for your shop without large financial and time commitments. There are no meetings to attend and no big prizes to give out. Maintain your regular summer hours - the Row by Row Experience runs in the background of your other summer events in your store.
All shops follow the same theme and design a pattern for a row in a quilt. Customers travel to receive your free pattern! Choose to kit your row and add revenue to your summer months.
Design your Row by Row Experience the way you want. Choose from optional add-on sales with collectible, personalized FabricPlates™ by Zebra Patterns, a coordinating fabric line by Timeless Treasures, charms and pins from Pin Peddlers and much more.
Your store benefits from international marketing by Row by Row Experience and some of the biggest vendors in the industry. Take part in Row by Row's strong social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. Membership includes a listing on the Row by Row Experience® interactive map, on the downloadable area list and the Row by Row website.

Design a bigger experience for your shop with participation in the charity focused The 9th Row and the all new Row by Row Junior, an experience just for kids.
3,122 quilt shops in the across the USA, Canada and Europe participated in 2016 Row by Row Experience. Shops around the world are welcome to join in 2017! There are no borders for customers. They travel to any participating area, collect row patterns and include them in their quilt. 
Participating shop agrees to:

1.  Exist as an independent brick and mortar quilt shop and be open for regular summer hours. Quilt shop is defined as a retail store that carries the materials necessary to create a quilt: fabric on the bolt, thread, batting and inspiration!

2.  Design a quilt row following the Row by Row Experience® design guidelines and produce a pattern for the row.* Quilter must be able to complete your row using only the complimentary pattern pieces, instructions and photo or diagram. Pattern must include store contact information.

NOTE: Limit one official Row by Row Experience® pattern per shop.

3.  Email photo of completed row to your area coordinator no later than June 1, 2017. Rows sent after June 1 may not be included in the Row by Row Experience® marketing program.

4.  Provide one copy of the pattern for free to anyone who enters your store and requests it from June 21 through Sept. 5, 2017. Patterns may not be distributed online, by mail, or at venues outside the store during this time period, such as shows or events.

5.  Shops that choose to sell kits must include a copy of the pattern in every kit. Kits may not be distributed online, by mail, or at venues outside the store during this time period, such as shows or events.

6.  Not distribute patterns and kits in any way during quilting challenge period Sept. 6 through Oct. 31, 2017 (also known as the Hibernation Period). Patterns and kits may be sold in any way after Oct. 31, 2017.

7.  Promote Row by Row Experience in your newsletter and other media outlets throughout the summer.

8.  Award a bundle of 25 fat quarters to the first customer who brings in a completed (quilted, bound, labeled) row quilt using patterns from at least 8 different 2017 participating shops. Award a bonus prize of your choice if the finished quilt includes your row. Challenge expires October 31, 2017.


Shop registration period:
Nov. 1, 2016 - May 15, 2017
($100 Late Fee after March 1, 2017)

Row photo emailed to area coordinator:
June 1, 2017

Pattern ready to hand out: 
June 21, 2017

Customers travel, 
collect and shop: 
June 21 - Sept. 5, 2017

Customers bring in 
completed quilt for prize: 
June 21 - Oct. 31, 2017

Hibernation period!
Sept. 6 - Oct. 31, 2017
No patterns or kits may be
sold or handed out in any
way during this time. 

The game is over!
November 1, 2017
Row patterns and kits may
be sold however you wish.

*NOTE: Row by Row Experience has a zero-tolerance policy for copyright infringement. Your pattern must be original work or used with permission of the pattern designer. Any shop found to be in violation of this policy will be immediately expelled from the current and following years’ events and deleted from all event advertising. Consumers will be notified that the shop is no longer participating through social media outlets and state coordinator mail lists.

Row design guidelines for shops:

• 2017 theme: Row by Row On the Go!
         Be creative and have fun with the theme!

• Design a row pattern
        Follow theme
        Row must be 36-1/2 wide (unfinished)
        Row may be no taller than 9-1/2 inches (unfinished)
Note: Your row may be horizontal or vertical, but must follow these measurements.
        Be creative! Any method is fine: pieced, appliqué, paper piecing, embroidery, etc.
        Create a pattern that you will hand out for free to anyone who comes in the store and asks for it. It’s your decision how you present your pattern: black and white or color printing, to bag or not, freebie included (buttons, etc). This is your event!

• Quilter must be able to complete your row using only the complimentary pattern pieces, instructions and photo or diagram. Pattern must include store contact information.

• Great idea:
        Work with a local pattern designer to create your row and sample. You will be sure to get professional results and the designer will get lots of great marketing. You could create a display of his/her patterns and samples to feature during the event. This type of cooperation is a big benefit to all in our industry.

Please contact info@rowbyrowexperience.com for more information.