Here’s the scoop on Wooly Block Adventure Fall 2017! The theme is "Harvest Basket".

Simply visit any participating Wooly Block Adventure™ store this fall October 16 - December 15 to receive the shop’s free Wooly Block pattern. The shops had fun designing an 8-inch block using the theme Winter Wonderland! Many shops also have kits as an optional purchase.

Create a project of your choice using at least 8 WBA patterns from 8 different participating WBA Fall 2017 stores. Be the first to bring it into a participating shop to win a 16 x 16 inch wool fat quarter and a $25 gift certificate. You have until February 15, 2018 to claim a prize!

The Tags! Each Wooly Block Adventure pattern has a tag printed or attached to it. Please cut out and bring the tags (or bring the whole pattern) from each participating store when you seek to claim a prize. The tags verify that you collected original patterns. Thanks to everyone for playing fair by respecting the event and the work of the designers. 

Be sure to collect your blocks during the fall season. After December 15, the Wooly patterns go into hibernation to allow those who traveled and collected patterns to complete a project. After February 15 stores may choose to offer patterns and kits again.

More for your adventure: 
• Many shops are offering mini fun-size FabricPlates™ in fun, wooly phrases!

• Since 9 is the perfect number to create a 3 block x 3 block sampler, a bonus 9th Block is available in several stores. Ask for it and include it in your project. Note: The 9th Block must be the 9th block. You still must include 8 blocks for 8 different participating stores.

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