Brand New! - the first-ever RxR Showcase!

It’s a beautiful new website gallery of some of the most popular rows of the 2017 season. Browse through the photos, choose your favorites and click over to order patterns, kits and more directly from the Row by Row shops. RxR Showcase is now live! Click here to check it out!

Going On Now... Wooly Block Adventure… and it’s all new this year!

Beginning October 16 you can collect free 8-inch wool block patterns from wool shops around the US and Canada from the comfort of your home! The Harvest Basket theme is perfect for fall. Click here to get started!
Looking ahead, 2018 and beyond!

Did you hear? The 2018 theme has been announced! Row by Row: Sew Musical
Lots of exciting changes are in store for 2018. Click Here to watch a video about the things to come!

Row by Row Experience® began in 2011 with 20 quilt shops across New York State. Today thousands of stores across the US, Canada and Europe welcome travelers through their doors. The quilts created with those rows are stunning… and no two are alike!

Although the quilt shops are organized by area, quilters have no borders. Travel, shop, collect patterns and add rows to your quilt from anywhere! 

Read some of the amazing stories about the rowers (quilters) and Row by Row quilt shops around the world on the Row by Row Studio blog. Even Prince William received a row as a gift!